Main Street Storefront Makeover

For quite some time abandoned storefronts have lined Main Street in downtown Buffalo creating an eye sore and a display of underutilization of assets. Let’s take these storefronts and make them a place to promote causes, events, culture, charities, or even new businesses in the area. They will stand as a celebration of Buffalo for… Read more »

Commissioner of romance?

This column was printed in the Niagara Gazette on Sunday, Feb. 6. Since it’s only eight days away I’m going to shamelessly use the upcoming holiday of love to reiterate an idea I’ve presented in these pages before. I’d like to see Valentine’s Day become a citywide celebration in Niagara Falls. I’d like romance to… Read more »

Bi-national Summer Olympics?

Could we ever have a bi-national summer olympics between the Toronto-Buffalo corridor? Why not many events large and small take place along that corridor each year, if we can run many small ones sucessfully, why not a large event?